D. discoideum cDNA - Detail

NBRP ID G00581
Name SSA191
Accession C24683 
Dictybase ID DDB0191101 
Gene arfA 
Contig U16278
Remarks OK
References Morio T, Urushihara H, Saito T, Ugawa Y, Mizuno H, Yoshida M, Yoshino R, Mitra BN, Pi M, Sato T, Takemoto K, Yasukawa H, Williams J, Maeda M, Takeuchi I, Ochiai H, Tanaka Y.
The Dictyostelium developmental cDNA project: generation and analysis of expressed sequence tags from the first-finger stage of development.
DNA Res  (1998)  5(6)   335-40  
[PubMed ID = 10048482]  [RRC reference
Urushihara H, Morio T, Saito T, Kohara Y, Koriki E, Ochiai H, Maeda M, Williams JG, Takeuchi I, Tanaka Y.
Analyses of cDNAs from growth and slug stages of Dictyostelium discoideum.
Nucleic Acids Res  (2004)  32(5)   1647-53  
[PubMed ID = 15010511]  [RRC reference
Weber S, Steiner B, Welin A, Hilbi H.
<i>Legionella</i>-Containing Vacuoles Capture PtdIns(4)<i>P</i>-Rich Vesicles Derived from the Golgi Apparatus.
mBio  (2018)  9(6)  
[PubMed ID = 30538188]  [RRC reference
Web Site http://togodb.biosciencedbc.jp/togodb/view/dicty_cdb_lib
Host E. coli, DH5a
Cloning Vector pBluescript II KS-
Antibiotic Resistance amp-r 
Use Condition A