D. discoideum cDNA - Detail

NBRP ID G22797
Name AHQ704
Synonym dda64h01 
Accession BJ339089  BJ357604 
Dictybase ID DDB0304884 
Gene DDB_G0287103 
Contig U11531
Remarks portion
References Urushihara, H., Morio, T., and Tanaka, Y.
The cDNA Sequencing Project.
In: Methods in Molecular Biology (eds. Eichinger, L. and Rivero, F)  (2006)  346   31-49   [RRC reference
Web Site http://togodb.biosciencedbc.jp/togodb/view/dicty_cdb_lib
Host E. coli, DH10B
Cloning Vector pME18SFL3
Antibiotic Resistance amp-r 
Use Condition A