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Strain - Detail

NBRP ID S00454
Strain Name TL141
Strain Summary csaA- (gp80) knockout in lagC- mutant (gp150). Similar to TL122.
Strain Descriptor csaA-/lagC-
Systematic Name TL141
Species Dictyostelium discoideum
Category Recombinant
Parental Strain AK127
Mutagenesis Method homologous recombination
Mutagenesis Detail csaA-KO
Associated Gene tgrC1  csaA 
Foreign Gene bsR
Genotype axeA1, axeB1, axeC1, pyr5-6-[pΔPYR-BglII], ura+, lagC-[DIV2],csaA-[csaA-KO],bsR
Phenotype blasticidin resistant, axenic, multiple null mutant
Axenic Growth Y
Viable Spore Formation OK
References Dynes JL, Clark AM, Shaulsky G, Kuspa A, Loomis WF, Firtel RA.
LagC is required for cell-cell interactions that are essential for cell-type differentiation in Dictyostelium.
Genes Dev.  (1994)  8(8)   948-58  
[PubMed ID = 7926779]  [RRC reference
Wang J, Hou L, Awrey D, Loomis WF, Firtel RA, Siu CH.
The membrane glycoprotein gp150 is encoded by the lagC gene and mediates cell-cell adhesion by heterophilic binding during Dictyostelium development.
Dev. Biol.  (2000)  227(2)   734-45  
[PubMed ID = 11071787]  [RRC reference
Other Information
Depositor DSC
Source B. Loomis
Use Condition A
DSC DBS0236989