Strain - Detail

NBRP ID S90272
Strain Name rasGefC-
Strain Summary gefC null mutant
Strain Descriptor gefC-
Systematic Name DBS0236868
Species Dictyostelium discoideum
Category Recombinant
Parental Strain AX3 (DBS0235543)
Mutagenesis Method homologous recombination
Mutagenesis Detail gefC-bsr
Associated Gene gefC 
Foreign Gene bsR
Genotype axeA1,axeB1,axeC1,bsR,gefC-[gefC-bsr]
Phenotype axenic, blasticidin resistant,null mutant
Axenic Growth Y
Viable Spore Formation OK
References Wilkins A, Szafranski K, Fraser DJ, Bakthavatsalam D, Müller R, Fisher PR, Glöckner G, Eichinger L, Noegel AA, Insall RH.
The Dictyostelium genome encodes numerous RasGEFs with multiple biological roles.
Genome Biol  (2005)  6(8)   R68  
[PubMed ID = 16086850]  [RRC reference
Other Information
Depositor DSC
Source R. Insall
Use Condition A
DSC DBS0236868