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NBRP ID S90287
Strain Name [act6]:trap1
Strain Summary overexpressor of Dd-TRAP1 (TRAP-1 homolog); neomycin resistant
Strain Descriptor [act6]:trap1
Systematic Name Dd-TRAP1-OE, TRAP-1, trap1-oxp, trap1oe, TRAP-OE
Species Dictyostelium discoideum
Category Recombinant
Parental Strain AX2
Mutagenesis Method random insertion
Mutagenesis Detail exogenous mutation, pDNeo2-dd-TRAP1
Associated Gene trap1 
Foreign Gene neoR
Genotype axeA2,axeB2,axeC2,[pDNeo2-Dd-TRAP1],neoR
Phenotype drug resistant, axenic, mutant, overexpressor
Axenic Growth Y
Viable Spore Formation OK
References Morita T, Amagai A, Maeda Y.
Unique behavior of a dictyostelium homologue of TRAP-1, coupling with differentiation of D. discoideum cells.
Exp. Cell Res.  (2002)  280(1)   45-54  
[PubMed ID = 12372338]  [RRC reference
Morita T, Amagai A, Maeda Y.
Translocation of the Dictyostelium TRAP1 homologue to mitochondria induces a novel prestarvation response.
J. Cell. Sci.  (2004)  117(Pt 24)   5759-70  
[PubMed ID = 15507488]  [RRC reference
Morita T, Yamaguchi H, Amagai A, Maeda Y.
Involvement of the TRAP-1 homologue, Dd-TRAP1, in spore differentiation during Dictyostelium development.
Exp. Cell Res.  (2005)  303(2)   425-31  
[PubMed ID = 15652354]  [RRC reference
Other Information
Depositor Yasuo Maeda
Source DSC
Use Condition A
DSC DBS0237220