Strain - Detail

NBRP ID S90289
Strain Name GFPArp3, GFP-Arp3
Strain Summary AX2 cells expressing a GFP-Arp3 fusion construct
Strain Descriptor [act15]:GFP:arpC
Systematic Name DBS0236065
Species Dictyostelium discoideum
Category Recombinant
Parental Strain AX2-214 (DBS0235534)
Mutagenesis Method random insertion
Mutagenesis Detail exogenous mutation, Gfp-Arp3 in pDEXRH
Associated Gene arpC 
Foreign Gene neoR, gfp
Genotype axeA2,axeB2,axeC2,[GFP(S65T)-Arp3], neoR
Phenotype GFP marked, neomycin resistant, axenic, mutant
Axenic Growth Y
Viable Spore Formation OK
References Insall R, Müller-Taubenberger A, Machesky L, Köhler J, Simmeth E, Atkinson SJ, Weber I, Gerisch G.
Dynamics of the Dictyostelium Arp2/3 complex in endocytosis, cytokinesis, and chemotaxis.
Cell Motil Cytoskeleton  (2001)  50(3)   115-28  
[PubMed ID = 11807934]  [RRC reference
Other Information
Depositor DSC
Source G. Gerisch
Use Condition A
DSC DBS0236065