D. discoideum cDNA - Detail

NBRP ID G00019
Name AFC886
Synonym dda6l22 
Accession BJ324559  BJ341494 
Dictybase ID DDB0215338 
Gene helC 
Contig U08694
Remarks OK
References Urushihara, H., Morio, T., and Tanaka, Y.
The cDNA Sequencing Project.
In: Methods in Molecular Biology (eds. Eichinger, L. and Rivero, F)  (2006)  346   31-49   [RRC reference
Web Site http://togodb.biosciencedbc.jp/togodb/view/dicty_cdb_lib
Host E. coli, DH10B
Cloning Vector pME18SFL3
Antibiotic Resistance amp-r 
Use Condition A